Roofs are much more complicated than meets the eye. There are many components that go into creating a long-lasting, durable material that will fend off the constant UV rays of the sun, repel hail and rain, and not move when high winds hit. Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in Gainesville offers the best roofing systems for residential and multi-family homes. We take our job seriously as we know how much you depend on your roof to do its job. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at soffits in roofing. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!


Soffit works in conjunction with the fascia of your roof to help seal in your roof and protect it from water and critters who want to make your roof their home. Soffits are the underside of the eaves (or rafters) of your home (or the part of the roof that is hanging over the edge). Soffits can be made out of any material that goes underneath your roof’s overhang, such as wood or a plastic composite material.


Soffits are important because they help ventilate your roofing system. Your roof heats up from the sun’s rays that heat it during the daylight hours. This heat needs to be dispersed or it can cause major problems. For example, an overheated roof can ruin your shingles, causing them to bend. Attics in roofs can also build up humidity, or moist environments, which would promote the growth of mold and mildew, as well as wood rot. During the winter, ice dams can form if your roof is not properly ventilated at well because your roof would be warmer in the interior and cooler at the exterior, causing snow to melt and pool.

Soffits also provide a crisp, finished look to your home, rather than just having boards jutting out from your roof top. Soffits come in a variety of colors, and many people use them to complement other parts of the exterior of their home.

As mentioned before, soffits help to keep out critters who are industrious and are always looking for a nice warm place that is sheltered to raise their young. Attics are frequent places where critters like to call home, and thus it is important to do outside inspections of your soffits on a regular basis to look for holes animals have created.

When you have your annual roof inspection performed by your local roofer such as Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in the Atlanta area, the roofers will check your soffits as well to ensure they are functioning properly with no holes, leaks, or cracks. Soffits keep out the elements and protect the wood of your home. You may notice that your soffits are perforated or contain air vents. Again, this is to help ventilate your attic and roofing system.


Usually, soffits are replaced when your roofing system is replaced. As long as there are no holes or other damage, a soffit should last for the lifetime of your roofing system. Like a roof repair, soffits can be repaired as well if just a small portion of it is damaged.

Soffits are one aesthetic characteristic of your roof that you can choose. Wood and vinyl are popular choices because both are easy to color and complement your home nicely. Fiber cement is a choice as well. Soffits are one way you can customize your home easily and match the trim or siding if so desired.


When you install a new roof using Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in the Atlanta area, you’ll be guaranteed all parts of your roof, including the soffits, will function up to standards. Our mission is to give you a roof that will last a long time with minimal problems with proper upkeep. We offer financing on our residential and multi-family roofing installations, as well as a full warranty on materials and labor. We also offer residential roof maintenance, which helps to prolong the life of your roof. We stand by our work and if for some reason it’s not correct, we’ll make it right. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!