There is something very nostalgic about the asphalt roof. After all, over 80 percent of Amercians have an asphalt roof on their home. Asphalt roofs are dependable, last a decent amount of time, are durable, and are affordable. Plus, they come in so many beautiful colors, textures, and styles that you can find the perfect match to your home’s exterior. Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists is the top rated residential and multi-family roofer in Gainesville. We offer roofing maintenance, roof repair, and roof installation. In this blog post, we’ll take a more in-depth look at America’s favorite roofing material. Contact us today to learn more!


When most people think of asphalt, they think of the black tar substance that is put on the streets and that smells incredibly vulgar. While asphalt is a component of asphalt shingles, this asphalt is processed to be a bit tougher. A mineral powder is added to increase its weather resistance and improve its resistance to fire. Furthermore, there are many other materials that go to making this extremely hardy substance. A thin fiberglass mat reinforces asphalt shingles, which is made of glass and fibers that increase your roof’s strength.

What you actually see when you look at your asphalt roof is the added granules. Granules are bits of hard rock that is grounded up and applied in their natural stone-colored state. The granules are actually colored through a ceramic firing process. Some additives to granules include an algae-resistant substance to prevent algae from growing on roofs, which is important in moist, humid environments. Either a sealant or a laminate is used to bond the shingles together upon your roofing installation. Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists install a variety of asphalt shingles in the greater Atlanta area, including GAF Timberline Shingles, which are specially formulated to protect your home from roof water and sun damage.


Asphalt shingles were invented by Americans at the beginning of the 20th century. Previously, wood shingles had been in vogue, but with the continual threat of fire spreading in big cities, the push was made for an alternative that was affordable and fire resistant. The forerunner of asphalt shingles were asphalt prepared roofing which made its appearance in 1893. Nowadays, asphalt shingles have evolved to include many different types. Common types of asphalt shingles include strip shingles, where the shingles are cut into strips for application. This is the original and most basic type of asphalt shingles. These shingles dominated the industry up until the 1980s when consumers began to demand more options in the asphalt shingle industry. Other common types of shingles include dimensional shingles and luxury shingles.


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