When someone mentions the color blue, what do you normally think of? The sky, the ocean, a bluebird, or a peacock perhaps come to mind. Bud did you know there are blue roofs? Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists is the best roofing company in Gainesville, serving both residential and multi-family roofing customers with roof replacement, roof installation, and roof maintenance services. We are proud to be your go-to roofing company when you need a roof inspection after a storm. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at blue roofs. Contact us today to learn more!


Blue roofs are designed to store water. The main purpose behind a blue roof is to stop water from running off in the midst of a rainstorm and causing flood damage. Most blue roofs consist of many storage ponds that then release the water slowly back into the drainage system after the storm has passed. The idea was born to mimic what would naturally occur in that spot if a building did not stand there. Blue roofs can create temporary dams using roof risers, or there can be custom-designed trays or collection areas that then release the water later on.


Like most inventions, blue roofs were born out of the need to help solve a problem. The problem blue roofs hope to help solve is stopping the sewer system that is combined with the wastewater system from overflowing during a period of heavy rains. This is a very common problem in bigger cities due to the fact there is no natural grass to absorb the rain. What happens is when the rain falls so quickly, untreated sewage (known as combined system overflow, or CSO) can spill out into waterways, rivers, and lakes, which can make humans ill and even cause deaths. This was a common problem centuries ago when cholera would break out because of the consumption of contaminated water. It doesn’t take that much rainfall to cause problems, sometimes a little as half an inch in cities such as New York City.

Blue roofs also keep buildings cooler, which reduces the utility costs for those who live there. Some blue roofing systems will recycle the water on the rooftop to keep the building cooler for longer. Furthermore, another benefit of blue roofs entail using the collected water for other purposes, such as watering nearby green roofs, using the water in water features in local cities, or for other landscaping needs.


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