Flat roofs have been around for millenia. They were some of the first roofs humans devised due to their simplicity and due to the ability to create a usable space above the home. Flat roofs are still popular today; however, because of the elements, care has to be taken with flat roofs. Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in Gainesville recognizes the unique challenges flat roofs offer. In this blog, we’ll dive more into flat roofs. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!


Technically, most flat roofs today are not completely flat, but have a very small pitch (pitch is what slope is called in roofing). As mentioned above, flat roofs have a long history because they require little roofing materials and are simple in structure. Flat roofs exist all over the world and are exceedingly popular in warmer climates where the weather is less of a concern.


  • Cost effective. Less roofing material is required to build a flat roof, less installation time and skill in needed so labor costs are low, and common roofing materials for flat roofs are cheap as well.
  • Low maintenance. Flat roofs require very little maintenance and upkeep. Furthermore, when you do need a roofing repair, the labor is cheap because of less risk and time required.
  • Easy to add on to. Flat roofs are very easy to add solar panels to, and cleaning gutters is easy to do as well. Air conditioning can even be added on top of flat roofs, which is very helpful when you have little ground space.
  • Creates more interior space. Even though people like vaulted ceilings, and they make a room appear bigger, when you add in vaulted ceilings, you are taking away that space that could have been used to add on another room or attic.
  • Durable. While flat roofs are popular in areas where there is little rain or snowfall, that doesn’t mean they can’t withstand their fair share of weather. Flat roofs do really well against high winds and hail. And without shingles to fly off, flat roofs sustain less damage over time.
  • Aesthetics. Flat roofs are popular because they are beautiful to look at, with lines that cut a landscape perfectly. Flat roofs offer a clean, crisp, modern look and feel. Plus, they will stand out in a neighborhood full of traditional, high-pitch roofs.


Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in Gainesville loves roofs — so much so that we have dedicated our lives to bringing you the best roofs in terms of best roofing materials, best roofing styles, and best roofing colors. Roofs to us are like playing to children; something we look forward to doing and can’t wait to do. When you partner with us for your residential roof repair or your multi-family roof installation, we become like kids in candy stores — literally. When we finish your roofing maintenance or roofing installation, we get chills. As local roofers in the greater Atlanta area, we get giddy with a job well done. Give us a reason to feel giddy. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!