Modern roofs come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. But have you seen a green roof? A roof that is made of grass? The ultimate in environmental-friendliness, green roofs are gaining steam in the roofing industry, Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in Atlanta will investigate this relatively-new roofing material in this blog post. Contact us today for a free roofing estimate!


Green roofs are roofs that are covered in vegetation, usually grass. Green roofs have been around for a long time, stemming from traditional sod roofs. Like slate roofs and other natural roofing materials, green roofs are environmentally-friendly and provide good insulation. But green roofs offer advantages other roofing materials can’t offer, due to the nature of the material:

  • Absorbs rainwater
  • Creates a habitat for wildlife
  • Relieves stress due to its green color
  • Mitigates the heat island effect
  • Lowers urban air temperature
  • Filters pollution and carbon dioxide from the air
  • Lengthens the longevity of your roof


Green roofs harken back to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. In ancient times, when sod roofs were popular, it was only natural to keep the green plants on the roof as part of the roofing material. This helped cool the home in the summer and trap the heat in during the winter.


Modern green roofs haven’t changed much since ancient times, the main difference being there is now more layers beneath the roofing material to support the roof and its unique differences as a living roofing material. Possible layers include a waterproofing membrane, a root barrier, and a drainage system. By varying the depth of the soil, you can vary the types of plants that will grow on your green roof. Furthermore, in general, the deeper the soil level, the heavier the green roof and the more maintenance is required.

The benefits of green roofs are undeniable; however, the practicality of green roofs is the sticking point for many people. One, they are heavy, due to soil and the fact your plants need water to survive. This adds to the expense of a green roof. Two, a green roof is akin to a garden: you have to nurture it in order for it to thrive, unless it receives all of its wants from its environment naturally. This includes watering your roof, adding in fertilizer when needed, as well as keeping it weed-free. While it’s true your green roof will attract critters, it’s also true these critters could damage your greenery if they are of the burrowing and digging kind.


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