Leave it to human’s ingenuity to come up with a use for almost anything. It is this propensity to use what is readily available that has led to some of the most life-changing inventions, such as concrete (made mostly of sand and rocks), tools, and medicines that grow all around us. The desire to be unique and different plays a role as well. In the roofing world, there have been some very creative and odd objects that have been used for roofing materials.

Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists has been bringing traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles to the people of Gainesville. With a lifetime labor and material guarantee, we are your local roofer of choice. In this blog post in our continuing series of different roofing materials, we’ll take a look at some of the more interesting roofing materials to be used. Contact us today for a free roofing estimate!


  • Seaweed. On the tiny island of Laeso in Denmark, the locals use seaweed to make the roofs of their homes. All of the wood on the island has been used up thanks to the complete disregard of natural resources in the Middle Ages, but you still need a roof over your head to survive. So the locals turned to eelgrass, which does not decay and can last up to 400 years. Eelgrass also is virtually fire proof due to the high concentration of salt it contains.
  • Plastic bottles. Homeowners in England decided to do something with their plastic bottle build up. So they used a road roller to smash the bottles, punch holes in them and then have them screwed together. They were then placed on top of the existing roofing material. Despite all the hard work it took to make a plastic bottle roof, it gets the job done.
  • Rubber tires. In one of our blog posts on different roofing materials, we discussed rubber roofs. This house takes this project a step further by using actual rubber tires. The tires were cut and laid flat, and then insulated with wool, which made them both waterproof and helped with cold temperatures.
  • Pillow house. Why not take the wool of sheep, a very natural and abundant material, make pillow out of them, and then place them on top of your roof? This is what one homeowner did, which provides a great layer of insulation and a nice shape as well.


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