Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists is the best roofing contractor in Gainesville. As such, one thing we know is roofs. We install and repair residential and multi-family roofing systems, primarily using asphalt shingles. However, as the best local roofing company, we know a thing or two about roofs. In this blog post, we’ll continue our look at roofing materials and investigate slate roofs. Contact us today for a free roofing estimate!


The first recorded usage of slate as a roofing material is in the 12th century in Wales, where many slate mines are found. Heavy and expensive (slate is 100% rock), slate was limited to a roofing material for the wealthy and elite.

A companion to tile, slate was another roofing material brought to the New World by the Jamestown settlers. However, unlike tile which exploded in popularity, slate did not, due to the fact it had to be imported. America did not have many known sources of slate, so it wasn’t until the 19th century when slate began to be used again as a roofing material when transportation became easier and cheaper. Slate roofing material was popular for its durability, fireproof qualities, and aesthetics. It was also one of the few available in different colors in the 19th century, from red, green, blue-gray, and even purple. This made it popular.


Slate roofing is durable, no question about it. In fact, slate roofing often outlasts the home. They are made of 100% natural stone, are completely recyclable, and slate is naturally fire resistant. However, it’s main drawback is its weight, being about twice as heavy as asphalt shingles. They are prone to breakage from the elements and are expensive as well. Composite slate roofing, which is roofing made of composite materials to look like slate, is becoming more popular as you can now have the aesthetic look of a slate roof without the drawbacks.

Slate roofing is beautiful, no doubt about it, and will have it devotees. However, for most people, economics trumps aesthetics and with modern roofing materials, a beautiful roof in a lovely style can be had that is more cost-effective and has less overall maintenance than slate roofing.


A roof is one of the most important features of your home. It not only serves as the capstone of your home (literally), but it also protects everything precious to you beneath it. Your roof withstands high winds, spring storms, winter snows, and pounding rain. It holds in heat, keeping you toasty in the winter, and lets heat escape, helping you stay cool in the summer. Your roof keeps out invaders that wander on four paws who are also looking for a warm, cozy place to call home, and your roof offers shade from the sun. Your roof is a sentinel over everything you value in life.

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