With our quest to lessen our impact on the earth, we’ve developed some pretty amazing technologies, from windmills, high-yield rice, fuel cells, hybrid cars to Tesla and 3D printing. Another great technological invention that has lessened our carbon footprint is solar energy. Believe it or not, the idea has been around since 1839 when the photovoltaic effect, which explains how electricity can be generated from sunlight, was first discovered. However, it took just over 100 years for the solar cell to come to fruition. Now, solar energy is being used to power homes as well and is a popular roofing material. Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in Gainesville will explore solar roofing in this blog post. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!


Since the invention of solar cells in 1941, solar energy has only improved. Solar shingles, or the solar tile, have been around since the 1970s, but have garnered huge attention lately when Tesla announced in 2016 its intention to invent the solar roof, which replaces your roof completely instead of just installing solar panels on top of your roof. Solar shingles themselves have only been available since 2005, but solar panels on roofs have been around since the 1970s.


The roofing industry is moving towards solar shingles instead of solar panels. However, the technology is new and therefore pricey. The benefits of solar roofing include:

  • Reduction or elimination of energy and electric bills
  • Federal and state tax credits and rebates
  • Environmentally-friendly, generating electricity with no waste or pollution
  • Potential to sell excess energy back to the energy grid
  • Increases your home’s value
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Long life span

Similar to green roofing, solar roofing is gaining strides; however, one major disadvantage to solar roofing is that you cannot take your solar roof or solar panels with you if you move, making the initial cost of installation cost-prohibitive. The whimsicality of nature and the need to have a backup energy source in the case of a lot of cloudy days in a row makes solar roofing an investment some don’t want to make.


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