You may be confused by the title to this blog because normally roofing is something that is constructed, not something that is sprayed on. Well, in this blog post by Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in the greater Atlanta area, the best residential and multi-family local roofers, we’ll explore what is spray-on roofing and what are the benefits of such a roof type. Contact us today to learn more!


Spray-on roofing is commonly known as roof coatings. In essence, it’s a material that will go on top of an existing roofing system. Spray-on roofing is a fluid that becomes your roofing membrane. Roofing membranes are typically applied to flat roofs that are most commonly seen in commercial applications, such as on commercial buildings or tanks. Roofing membranes are designed to protect against the elements, help keep the building and the occupants below warm and insulated, and to move water off the building to prevent leaks in your roof. Spray-on roofing is designed to replace your traditional outer roofing materials, such as asphalt.


  • Easy installation. Spray-on roofing is, as it says, sprayed on your existing roofing system. The spray then expands and conforms to the roof’s structure.
  • Energy efficient. Spray-on roofing adds an additional barrier to your roof’s surface, which helps to keep moisture and water out, heat in, and helps to protect against the sun’s UV rays in the summer.
  • Low maintenance. Once installed, you’ll have to perform little to no maintenance on spray-on roofs. These roofs can last up to 50 years or more if properly maintained. However, after a storm, spray-on roofs should be inspected by your professional local roofer, such as Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, to determine if there was any damage sustained.
  • Easy roof repairs. When your spray-on roof is damaged, there is no ripping off shingles and replacing them or replacing broken tiles. Instead, you simply apply more spray-on coating to the existing system.
  • Virtually waterproof. Spray-on coating naturally will fill any existing holes, gaps, seams, or cracks in your current roofing system. Furthermore, when you apply spray-on roofing, you can level out any bumps in your current roofing system, eliminating any tendency for water to pool and cause a leak.
  • Environmentally-friendly. When your spray-on roof nears the end of its lifespan, there is little to no waste because you would just spray on top of your existing roof, unless you’re doing a complete roof replacement.


Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists serves the Gainesville area with residential and multi-family roof replacements and roofing repairs. We offer shingle roofs in various styles and colors. In addition, we offer a workmanship warranty as well as any manufacturer’s warranty of most of our roofing projects. We can help you work with your insurance company in the event of a storm and a subsequent claim. When you need a roof repair or roofing service, contact your local roofer, Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, today to get started!