Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists installs and repairs roofing systems in the metro-Atlanta area for home and multi-family units. Although not a very popular roofing material, tile roofs offer many benefits for homeowners. Read this blog post to learn more, and contact us today for your free estimate.


Tile roofing predates metal roofing. Originally formed out of clay, clay tiles were popular due to the fact clay was a plentiful material. Clay tiles were in fact used in Jamestown in the mid-16th century. Then, after the Great Fire of London in 1666 and one in Boston in 1679, clay became the most popular form of roofing material because of its inherent resistance to fire. Practicality and cost-effectiveness reigned in the mid-19th century, so tile was replaced by metal roofing materials, which were lighter and less expensive, but still had great resistance to fire.


Tile roofing today has seen a resurgence, mainly due to its aesthetic value. The Romanesque Revival and Mission style has fueled demand, especially in the southwest part of the United States. Clay tiles and concrete tiles are the most popular materials used. Clay tiles are produced in much the same way as our ancestors produced them. Clay tiles are baked. If you vary the length of time they are baked for and the temperature, you can get a different density. During this production process, you can glaze the tile, which gives it its distinctive coloring of your choice, as well as mold the tile into various styles, profiles, finishes, and textures. Clay tiles can be interlocking or laid flat, and the ridges and gables can be fashioned in the same style.

Concrete tiles are made in molds under high pressure, using concrete materials. The concrete tiles are then cured for strength and can be interlocking as well. A wide variety of profiles, styles, finishes, and colors are available, and color is created either on the surface, or it can be spread throughout during the production process. Albeit Spanish and Mediterranean are the most popular styles for clay or concrete tiles, clay tiles can be made in any roofing style, including Colonial style, and clay tiles can be made in any shape as well, such as shakes or round or flat. As with other roofing materials, the possibilities are endless.


Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists is passionate about roofs. We specialize in asphalt shingles, which is the most popular roofing material in the United States due to its versatility and affordability. We help homeowners find the roofing style and roofing color that will complement their home the best. We take care to ensure your roof is installed professionally and correctly. By maintaining your roof, you’ll extend its life considerably. No matter what style of roof you choose and what roofing material, from tile to asphalt, Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists can help. We offer roofing financing as well. If you’re in the greater Atlanta area, give us a call today for a free roofing estimate!