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We’ve been discussing different roofing materials in our blog posts. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at white roofing. Contact us today!


White roofing, in this case, is literally white-colored roofs. The idea behind white roofs is energy savings. White reflects light, which results in less heat absorbed by your roof into your home. This will lower the temperature in your home or business and result in lower cooling bills. Traditional roofs that are dark, such as asphalt shingles and slate roofs, absorb more heat and thus cause you to use more energy to cool your home, which is more money out of your pockets.


The answer is it depends on where you live. White roofs make a lot of sense if you live in hot climates, which is why you see a lot of white roofs in southern Europe and the Middle East. Here in the United States, white roofs make sense to install if you live in the desert regions, such as Arizona, New Mexico, and California. California even had made white roofs mandatory for businesses.

In cooler climates, the jury is still out mainly due to the opposite effect. If you think about it, white roofs are great in the summer, but what about the winter? Wouldn’t you want a darker roof in the winter to absorb more precious heat from the sun to help warm your home? The answer to this question is yes. White roofs might actually cost you more in the winter months than you’d save in the summer months, depending on the extremes in your climate. In this instance, it would not make sense to install white roofs. Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists in Gainesville encourages you to examine your heating bills and decide if it would make sense based on your particular case.


The urban heat island effect is where the land around urban areas with millions of people (so large cities) is hotter than the surrounding countryside. This is due to the large number of people, buildings, and the lack of green space to counterbalance the enclosure of heat. Hence, the idea of white roofs and painting the rooftops of buildings in large cities white has begun to take root. Studies have found that this does reduce the urban island heat effect by up to one-third.

However, if every urban area began to paint their roofs white, this could cause less evaporation overall, which could reduce rainfall, which is critical to drinking supplies, plants, and animals. Green roofs (where vegetation is planted on roof tops) can be a solution as well as solar roofing to absorb the sun’s rays. It may just be worthwhile to let well enough alone. It’s true humans have an impact on the environment, but trying to reverse an impact with other non-ecological means can just exacerbate the problem further and cause more unforeseen problems.

There is some debate that white roofs actually could exacerbate global warming with all of the heat being reflected back into the air. However, there is no proof of this, with some studies actually showing it may have a cooling effect instead.


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