Insightful Tips For Avoiding a Roofing Scam

The Atlanta area is no newcomer to mother nature’s wrath — from beautiful and big summer thunder and lightning storms to ice storms in the winter — the extreme weather is sometimes surprising, but a bit expected.

In mother’s natures wake, not only is the roof and home damaged scattered, but savage roofing companies come out crawling from their deep, dark places.

Finding roofing specialists that are well-known and trusted in the Atlanta can be a big task — our area is inundated with them. At Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, your search can stop here. We provide leading roofing services and always have your best interest at hand. To avoid roofing scams, join us in today’s blog!

Watch For These Red Flag Signs To Avoid Roofing Fraud

After a storm that leaves your roof in disrepair, there are those that want to take advantage of your misfortune, if only to make a quick buck. Roofing scammers will often focus in on budget-conscious homeowners and prey on anxieties that their home is in shambles — only to be left with shoddy work, if that. Unethical roofing companies can be very difficult to spot, so if you are in need of roof repair after a storm, keep an eye out for these warning signs.

Big Storm Chasers

Typically, after a big storm, homes will be inundated with damage so the demand for roofing companies is high, and this is when scammers are on the prowl. They know that perhaps the regular roofing company you would hire is completely booked, and this is when their move is made. They will swoop in and promise roof repair the next day!

Their scams will typically start with a roof inspection. They’ll hop up on your roof and take pictures of the damage, to which it will reveal a roof that is in collapse. This doesn’t sound too scammy yet does it? But, do you really know what your roof looks like or what it looked like before it was damaged? Probably not. The takeaway from this is, you don’t know what roof those pictures are from — it may not be yours! If you are left to think your roof has extreme damage and go ahead and schedule these roofers, you may not receive a dime from insurance, so wary!

The other MO for big storm chasers is passing through neighborhoods after a storm and proceed to convince homeowners they can get a huge discount, or even a free roof through their insurance company if they work with them. What is not to love about this? Everyone wins — as homeowners insurance writes a check for your roof and the roofing company gets paid — this is unfortunately so far from reality!

What often happens is the work done by the roofers is shoddy and poor — this company is likely trying to pack in as many roof repairs as they can, so the quality is quickly compromised. And even though you may have a gotten a good price, if anything goes wrong, the roofing company will have likely skipped town.

How to avoid the big storm chasers: Take your time and pause before making any serious roofing decisions because a quality roofer will never put the pressure on. Better yet, talk with your homeowners’ insurance and ask them what the best course of action is for your home, and they’ll likely have roofing contractor references for the Atlanta area.

Roofing scams happen more in our industry than we would like, which is why we are trying to turn the roofing industry around by offering quality workmanship and trustworthy services — this begins by working within our community for every type of roofing project and not just after big storms.

We’ve only just begun with our examination of roofing scams, so stay tuned for part two!

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