Steer Clear of These Red Flag Roofing Scams

In part one of this series, we examined why roofing scams may happen and took a dive into our first red flag sign, big storm chasers. When you are in the thick of roof damage, you are emotionally charged and often just want the experience to be over. But, take a breath and pause for a moment to recollect yourself and avoid a roofing scam in your area.

At Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, we are disrupting the roofing industry by providing high quality, expertly crafted roofing services in the Atlanta area. We have a rapport with our clients and everyone in our community knows we can be trusted. Follow along in the conclusion of roofing scams and how to avoid them, in today’s post.

WARNING: Roofing Scams Ahead!

It is not every day that we are up and at em’ inspecting our roof, which is why it is easy for homeowners to be exposed to roofing scams. Learn more about the warning signs below!

Roofing Insurance Fraud Chasers

Disreputable roofing contractors will try and commit insurance fraud to collect their check. This is accomplished by submitting two isolated invoices — a smaller one to the homeowner and then a larger one to the insurance company.

This, my friends, is clear as day insurance fraud, and it could spell big consequences for you — including prosecution! Beware! These kinds of roofing companies will even make promises such as overbilling the insurance money and give you a portion back to cover your deductible. In these situations, RUN! Just don’t fall for these scams.

Low Bid Roofers

Scamming roofers know one thing well and it is not roofs — they know how to play the game! They know that you’re likely frazzled and stressed that they’ll go in for the close by offering you a too-good-to-be-true price. While roofing prices do fluctuate a bit to reflect the cost of materials, if you receive an extremely low-ball price, the roofers are probably scamming you. Often times the roofing company will quote a low price and then as soon as they begin working they will run into sudden issues that will drive up the cost significantly, leaving you with a much higher bill than originally anticipated.

Avoid this type of scan by doing your research. Again, when you have any type of roofing damage it is important to get it addressed promptly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pause for a moment and look up customer testimonials or even check to see that the company in question has a website. It may also be worth it to talk with other roofing specialists about their pricing, and always, get a written contract with the price before any work begins.  

Areas Prone to Roofing Fraud

Keep in mind that the Atlanta area is prone to roofing fraud because it is a densely populated area with a potential to make more money (from scams) because there are more people. Other areas that are often targeted are those that get severe weather such as rain, hail, snow, and wind damage and vulnerable populations such as low-income neighborhoods, senior communities, and those with disabilities.

Avoiding roofing scams is a lot easier to do when equipped with the signs to look for. So, if a roofing company comes knocking on your door offering to overbill your insurance money and give you money back or gives you an out-of-this-world bid, buyer beware! When you are looking for roofing solutions, always pause and take time to research the company you want to work with and even consider putting off the work (if you can) until a reputable company is available.

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