There are good roofing companies and then there are great roofing companies — connect with your local roofer to discuss how they approach their roofing projects.

Investing in a new roof or even a roof repair is a major home improvement project that can induce anxiety — you’re putting your trust in a roofing company to literally put a roof over your head! Roofing is a large expense that has a monumental effect over the health of your home, and it can all quickly dissolve when you work with the wrong company.

The wrong roofing company may only be out for one thing, your wallet — so naturally, cutting corners and taking shortcuts makes perfect sense to them. Connect with a company you’ve felt out and vetted a little bit and talk with them about their approach to roofing — if they’re an industry leader in roofing, they’ll avoid these roofing shortcuts.

At Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, we are paving the way for premier roofing services in Gainesville. We never take the easy way out and shortcuts aren’t how we do business. Follow along in today’s post as we unravel roofing shortcuts that should never happen and how to avoid them.

Roofing Shortcuts

Shortcuts are typically something that shoddy businesses take, but sometimes, even the homeowner can partake! Both parties can play a role, so consider the following circumstances below.

Hiring the wrong roofing company.

It’s important as a homeowner to avoid this shortcut. Ensure you vet your roofing company and do a little recon before signing a contract. Go into this investment by knowing what you want and having clear expectations — this helps weed through the roofing companies. Do you want a metal roof? Go with a company that specializes in them! A few other standard qualities to look for include:

  • Open and clear communication
  • Roofing knowledge
  • Great customer reviews
  • Experience in your area
  • Being insured, licensed, and bonded
  • Amazing completed projects — with proof (pictures)

Using old or used roofing materials.

If your roofing contractor mentions anything about a “recover” project, run the other way. While it may be eco-friendly, it’s not entirely legal and if their plan of action is to re-shingle the roof, it may not even fix your roofing issue.

Old materials is also a practice to veer from, because though they’re “like new,” they’re still not new. Old materials often wear and tear faster than new materials, which creates a nasty cycle of having to replace things sooner.

Avoiding Roof Maintenance

Cutting this corner falls on the homeowner. While there are many things roof companies try to pull to be quicker and make things less expensive, putting off roof maintenance is one way to incur damage and require roofing specialists. Call the experts or perform basic roof maintenance such as:

  • Keep it clear of debris
  • Keep an eye on mold growth
  • Get any missing shingles replaced
  • Clean the gutters regularly
  • Ensure there is no standing water

Delaying Roof Repairs

Roofers are particularly busy in the Gainesville area and it only gets worse after a big storm, so it’s important to address any roof issues as soon as possible. If you’re trying to cut corners to save money by avoiding these repairs, time and roof damage never get better — it’s not going to go away!

Do your due diligence and tackle any roofing issues right now!

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