Welcome back to the Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists blog space. In our last blog post, we began talking about why fall is the ideal season to schedule any roofing services. From installation to repairs, our team is able to do it all, but what makes fall such a great season to get the job done? We’re listing out the top six reasons that choosing to book your roofing services in the fall is beneficial. Keep reading to find out the remaining four.

#3: Proper Sealing

We touched very briefly in our last post about the sealing of the roof and how the temperatures can affect it. Let’s talk a little bit more about the sealing specifically and how it’s affected when conditions aren’t ideal. The sealing of your roof is there to ensure that the tiles are bonded to the roof in order to protect your home from any severe weather that will be passing through. If you have repairs done during the storm season, you risk weather affecting the bond of the sealant to the roof.

Rather than let bad weather get in the way, we suggest waiting until the seasons known for heavy rains and serious storms have passed so that we can ensure that the sealant of your roof has enough time to bond correctly.

#4: Materials are Tough to Work With

If temperatures are less than ideal, the materials that you’ve selected for your roof can be tough to work with. Asphalt shingles, in particular, are very challenging to handle when temperatures are too high or too low. These materials are known for locking in heat, so when temperatures are high, they’re going to be incredibly challenging to work with.

On the other hand, temperatures that are too cold can become brittle and have a heightened chance of breaking when they’re being nailed to the roof. Not only could this lead to unwarranted expenses, but it also requires additional time to get the job done.

#5: Save on Heating

One of the downfalls to a roof that isn’t performing as well as it could be is that it isn’t able to insulate your home as well. This is less than ideal to come across when temperatures start to drop here in Gainesville. Rather than spend the extra money warming your house up, use it to take care of your roof. In turn, you’ll be improving the insulation of your home, and you’ll wind up saving money on your electric bill.

#6: Winter Brings Back Storms

The last point that we’re going to touch on brings it all full circle. Storm season is a thing, especially in Gainesville. While we aren’t the town that’s most likely to endure the worst snow storms around, it’s not uncommon for us to have storms — even if they are just heavy rainfall! That being said, everything that we’ve mentioned regarding temperatures and storm season is equally pertinent when temperatures drop below a certain level.

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