Sure they gnaw and chew at your roof causing damage, but things can get much worse!

In a previous post, we touched on how animals can cause damage to your roof — if you haven’t read it, begin by reading this first. Damage to your roof via wildlife can get pretty interesting and expensive if you don’t recognize the treat, and the threat of squirrels, raccoons, mice, and other creatures is real and relevant in Gainesville.

Sure, Gainesville has a pretty mild fall and winter, but come spring and fall we see a host of extreme weather, making a damp landscape for critters to invade and cause serious damage to your roof.

At Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, we’re your leading Gainesville roofing contractor to tackle the damage that wildlife can cause — from a new roof to roofing repairs we’re here to partner with you. Learn more about the specific catastrophes that critters can cause in today’s post.

The Roof Distress and Damage Animals Can Cause

As we’ve mentioned before, animals can do much more harm than just chewing and entering your home, although this sets your home up for many other issues. The damage they can do is not pretty, read the scary but true roof damage they can do below!

When roof damage leads to fires.

This may seem like a large jump, but this is a major concern when critters make their way into your home. Not only is there now an entrance for one critter, but know a whole host of animals are able to get in, not to mention the elements.

As the wildlife intrude your home, they gnaw and chew through insulation, pipes, and your home’s electrical. The electrical is where things can get very serious — the event of a fire increases dramatically. Even if the rodent doesn’t cause a fire, what will likely happen includes:

  • The animal will be shocked and likely die — having a dead animal in your walls or home is never a good thing, they carry disease and will begin to smell.
  • The animal will cause damage to the electrical causing a snowball effect, creating a host of electrical issues in your home.

When roof damage leads to shingle disintegration.

Birds are the culprit of a specific kind of roof damage leading to shingle disintegration. Because birds eat a very acidic diet, their droppings are very acidic in nature. Typically this doesn’t cause an issue but when birds begin to congregate on your roof, their acidic droppings can eat away and destroy roofing shingles, tiles, and sheathing. This makes it imperative for the homeowner to conduct regular roof inspections and cleanings if this becomes an issue. If the damage does go unaddressed, it can lead to structural issues and leaking.

When roof damage leads to honey.

So, how does roof damage lead to honey? By burrowing bees of course! Although having honey right out (or in, really) window sounds like a sweet, delicious dream, bees can easily cause a great deal of harm to your roof.

Honeybees are hive driven and will stop at nothing to craft their hive, so if you see these black and yellow creatures flying in and out of different sections of your roof, this could be a major issue.

Hives are very heavy, and just the weight of the honeycomb can cause severe structural damage to your home — the honey can also stain roof shingles and siding causing an unappealing exterior.

Animals, next to extreme weather, can cause major damage to your roof and it goes beyond just your roof! Catch the issue now and prevent future damage to your roof.

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