1. Different Roofing Materials: The Investigation of White Roofing

    Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists knows a thing about roofing. We’re the best local roofing company in the Atlanta area, specializing in multifamily and residential roofing repair and replacement. We’ve been serving the greater Atlanta area for years and take pride in our excellent craftsmanship.…Read More

  2. Different Roofing Materials: The Investigation of Flat Roofing

    Flat roofs have been around for millenia. They were some of the first roofs humans devised due to their simplicity and due to the ability to create a usable space above the home. Flat roofs are still popular today; however, because of the elements, care has to be taken with flat roofs. Brett Hayse E…Read More

  3. Different Roofing Materials: The Investigation of Wooden Roofing

    Outside of caves being used as shelter, wood in the form or sticks, twigs, and branches have been human’s go-to roofing material since the advent of humans. As one of the most readily available and easily accessible natural renewable resources, wood is strong, durable, can be shaped, and is availa…Read More

  4. Understanding The Benefits Of Roofing Shingles

    Across North America, the number one roofing material choice is shingles. Roofing shingles provide an array of benefits that make them popular for residential homes and multi-family properties. If you are considering a new roof replacement in Atlanta, we invite you to check out this guide to underst…Read More