1. How to Handle a Leak in Your Roof

    A leaky roof is one of the more common types of damage that homeowners experience. Though it may not seem like the most serious type of damage to come across, a leaking roof can turn into one of the more expensive types of damage that you can come across. The team at Brett Hayes Exterior Specialists…Read More

  2. 4 Steps In Getting Insurance To Pay For Your New Roof

    When it comes to roof replacement, whether resulting from old age or damage, involving insurance is necessary, yet not everyone is familiar with how to go about it. Getting a new roof may be urgent and it is important that you know your policy so you can get proper work done and have it covered. At …Read More

  3. 8 Tips To Prepare your Roof For The Cold

    Though Gainesville has pretty mild fall and winter seasons, from time-to-time, it does snow and is complete with frost and icicles! Before the cold begins to set in is a great time to assess your roof and prepare it for the looming cold temperatures that are about to drop!   Mild winters in Gainesv…Read More

  4. Frequent Problem Areas of Roofs

    Roofs are hardy home structures that withstand everything mother nature has to throw at them — wind, rain, snow, and ice. And, while their durability is constantly being tested, they do, from time-to-time, require roof shingle repair and replacement. Following a major Gainesville storm, your roof …Read More

  5. A Roof That Evades Extreme Weather and Collects Water?

    An Entertaining Look Into The Roof That Does it All! There are many interior aspects that make a house a home, such as a cozy fireplace in the den or zenful spa bathroom to melt away your stress. But, what about the exterior, what aesthetically can make a house a home on the outside? What draws peop…Read More

  6. Six Reasons Fall is the Time for Roof Repair – Part 1

    Whether you’ve been on the fence about replacing your roof or there are repairs that you know need to happen, fall is the time to get the job done. Any work that’s happening on your roof is not going to be an easy task to complete, which is why the temperature and time of the year are such an im…Read More