1. Different Roofing Materials: The Investigation of Slate Roofing

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  2. Four Ways To Improve the Life of Your Roof

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  3. Six Signs You Should Replace Rather Than Repair Your Roof

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  4. Buying A New Home? Turn Your Focus To The Roof!

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  5. How To Make Rain a Friend and Not a Foe in the Gainesville Rain

    Roofing advice to homeowners in the wake of the wet seasons. Though Gainesville does not see precipitation like the Pacific Northwest, its rainfall average is higher than the US average, making for a very wet late spring and summer conditions, peaking in July. Combined with the high humidity and per…Read More

  6. Common Ways Your Roof Can Incur Damage From Wildlife

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  7. Most Common Roofing Insurance Claims Made in Gainesville

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  8. Preventing Roof Damage During Cooler Seasons – Part 2

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  9. How to Handle a Leak in Your Roof

    A leaky roof is one of the more common types of damage that homeowners experience. Though it may not seem like the most serious type of damage to come across, a leaking roof can turn into one of the more expensive types of damage that you can come across. The team at Brett Hayes Exterior Specialists…Read More

  10. 4 Steps In Getting Insurance To Pay For Your New Roof

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