Signs You Need Roof Repair

Your shingles have seen better days.

If some of your shingles are cracking, curling, or missing, you’re dealing with water intrusion. Call your local roofers to find the source of your leak and patch things up.

Pieces of your shingles end up in your gutters.

When water makes its way underneath your shingles, it gives them a dark or wet appearance — and that means your shingles aren’t getting the job done. Get ahold of your roofing company to seal up your shingles and prevent water leaks.

You see damage around chimneys and vents.

Areas where shingles meet up with other fixtures — like drip edges, vents, chimneys, and gutters — are prone to leaks and roof damage. If you see shingles peeling up or wet spots developing in these areas, it’s time to get a roofing team to check things out.  

You have wet spots in your attic or ceiling.

Excess moisture in your attic or water stains on your ceilings aren’t just a cause for concern because of home damage — they can be a sign of mold buildup that can compromise the health of you and your family members. A simple roof repair can keep moisture out so you can eliminate mold and get humidity levels back to normal.

Your energy bills are getting more expensive.

Roof leaks aren’t just water leaks —  they’re air leaks, too. A damaged roof can let outside air in and vice versa, meaning your HVAC unit has to work harder to keep your home at the proper temperature. A roof inspection and repairs can identify areas where air is leaking, and seal up your home for optimal energy efficiency in your home.

Choose The Top-Rated Atlanta Roofing Contractor

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