When it comes to roof replacement, whether resulting from old age or damage, involving insurance is necessary, yet not everyone is familiar with how to go about it. Getting a new roof may be urgent and it is important that you know your policy so you can get proper work done and have it covered.

At Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, we know insurance can be a pain to figure out which is why we are here, as your roofing contractors, to guide you in this process in getting a new roof that is covered by your plan. Learn more about the steps to take when filing an insurance claim for a roof replacement.


Understand the damage.

If your area has just experienced a brutal storm and you think you may need a roof replacement, pause for a moment and assess the damage. Look for things such as missing shingles and granules in gutters and runoff — and, it never hurts to check with neighbors. In this time, if you’re able to, take pictures of the damage and document it as best as you can.

If your roof is over 10 years old and showing signs of damage, do the same thing — document what you think the damage is or schedule a consultation with a roofing professional to get a better idea of what you’re facing.

Understand your policy.

Now is the time to look over your homeowner’s insurance policy or contact an agent to get the full picture of the steps you need to be taking. When you have damage that needs to be dealt with immediately, contact your insurance company right away to submit a claim. There are clauses and stipulations in policies where, if you wait too long, the roof replacement becomes null and void. It is also important to get clear with the details you provide the company, so they can have a better idea of what will be covered. 

When it comes to an aging roof, your policy may only cover a portion based on the loss of value on your roof.

If there is ever a question or concern you have on your policy, contact your homeowner’s insurance to have a solid understanding of what they are willing to do for you.

Once you’ve submitted an insurance claim, an adjuster will come out to do their own inspection and provide a final number on what they’ll pay out for a new roof or roof repair.

Choose a roofer that has experience in insurance roof repair.

Once you have received the final word from your insurance company and a green light for a roof replacement, you will be given money for the damage. The next step is finding a reputable roofing contractor to complete the roofing repair or replacement. So, where do you even begin selecting someone to complete the work? In a sea of roof repair contractors, how do you find one that you can trust and does high-quality work?

Find a roofing company you trust by doing some preliminary research, ask around, look on the internet, and read reviews that previous customers have left. It is always okay to shop around and explore all your options, after all, most roofers will have different prices and certifications. One thing to always look for is a roofer who is licensed and insured. You can also discuss the cost and get multiple estimates, this way you know up front if your insurance money will cover their work.

Another thing to consider is that not all roofing contractors will provide you with guidance when it comes to dealing with your insurance, but there are some who will help throughout the entire process and may even have insurance adjusters on staff to help streamline the process.

Be aware of contingency contracts.

While everything may seem clear to you, it may not always be, depending on the roofing contractor you’re working with. Most roofers provide a free inspection and estimation of your roof but sometimes muddled within are contingency contracts that look like an inspection report to the customer. So, while you think you’re signing off on the inspection, it could be agreeing to have that company complete the work — this is another reason to always read what you’re signing!

Dealing with roof damage is never a fun thing to do and pair it with insurance, things can be downright overwhelming. When you follow the steps above, this will help make a smooth and uncomplicated transition when getting a new roof.

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