An Entertaining Look Into The Roof That Does it All!

There are many interior aspects that make a house a home, such as a cozy fireplace in the den or zenful spa bathroom to melt away your stress. But, what about the exterior, what aesthetically can make a house a home on the outside? What draws people in and kicks up the curbside appeal?

Your roof! Your roof is not only a way to match the exterior architectural style of your home, but a structural piece that keeps you safe.

Roofs are where we place our energy and dedication to — we want your Gainsville home to have the best roofing aesthetic while keeping out the extreme weather! Follow along in today’s post as we travel to an exotic location and take a look at a one-of-a-kind roof that survives hurricanes and collects rainwater!

The Special Roofs Found in the Mid-Atlantic

The mid-Atlantic hosts some pretty spectacular and coveted islands such as the Canary Islands and Bermuda in the Northern hemisphere. While these islands are complete and paradise, there is always a catch — the extreme weather they receive. These islands are no stranger to hurricanes that leave immense damage in the form of uprooted and limb-strewn trees, decimated windows, and roofless properties. In blow after blow, the islands are still left with no fresh water and health concerns and traumas.

These mid-Atlantic islands have developed a weapon over hurricanes and evolved their architecture to reflect this progression. The homes of, most notably the island of Bermuda, are able to withstand high-winds and downpour precipitation, all while funneling the water into a large container that the people can use! It is ever required by law that 80 percent of the precipitation that falls onto the roof must be collected! This innovation keeps more people safe and provides them with fresh water to use in the meantime.

The Home Roofing Innovation

Instead of using traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, they have invented slates and slabs of their local resource, limestone, in a hip-roof design. Hip-roofs are unique in their design because all sides will gently slope downward. After the hip-roof in installed, the roof is filled in with additional limestone giving it a stepped look. The final touches are completed with a thin layer of cement and nontoxic paint to keep the water as clean as possible.  

The roofs are then able to catch water by the cement-crafted gutters on the lower edges, where rainwater is able to be collected and filtered down towards a cistern stored by the side of the house.   

As a result of this roof evolution, home’s are able to withstand extreme weather patterns, being supported by the limestone and cement exterior and have the ability to collect rainwater.

If you ever travel to the islands in the northern hemisphere of the mid-Atlantic, you will immediately be able to identify these roofs in their stark-white appearance that they are widely known for.  

More About Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists

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