Brett Hayse Exterior Solutions is a roofer in Gainesville that can help with roof repair to get your roof back into tip-top shape. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether or not a simple roof repair will do or if you need an entire roof replacement.

While the most reliable way to determine whether or not you need a new roof is by consulting a professional, there are some things you can identify for yourself before you even start that process.

Below you’ll find six things to consider before starting the roof replacement

Obvious Damage after a Storm

One of the clearest signs you need roof replacement is obvious damage. A particularly bad storm can leave your roof in poor shape, especially if it was already getting on in years.

If your roof has signs of obvious damage, a simple roof leak repair may not be enough. It may be time for a replacement.

Your Roof is Getting Up There in Years

If it’s been more than 25 years since your last roof replacement, it’s probably time to consider a new one — especially if you haven’t been keeping up with regular roof maintenance.

Just because your roof still looks good from all outward appearances, doesn’t mean it’s not feeling the effects of aging. A roofing inspection will reveal any deeper issues.

How About the Interior?

Another way to tell you need roof replacement is by getting into your attic and taking a look. One of the most obvious ways is if you’re seeing daylight through your roof. You can be sure if light is getting through, that water is as well.

You can also see if there’s any obvious areas where you’ve suffered water damage. Water damage is fairly obvious and will appear as a dark streak.

Shingles are Beginning to Buckle and Curl or are Missing

Shingles can either curl at the edges or begin bubbling up in the middle. Either way, both are signs your roof has seen better days and leaking isn’t far off.

If entire shingles are missing from various parts of your roof, you’re going to want to consider a replacement even sooner.

Moss Has Been Building Up Over the Years

While a tiny bit of moss can usually be swept away as soon as it’s starting to form, a heavy buildup of moss that’s been around for a while has the potential to cause major water damage.

Sagging and Rot

A sagging roof may be a sign of rot in the supporting structures. While you’re not necessarily in any immediate danger, it’s best to address this issue before the drooping gets any worse.

If your roof is sagging in multiple areas, don’t wait at all. You need to get a professional in on it right away.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brett Hayes Exterior Solutions, your trusted roofer in Gainesville. We’ll start you off with a free quote and help you determine whether you need a roof repair or an entirely new roof.