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Planting sod by yourself can be a waste of money if you do not achieve desirable results. Sod installation is an intricate process that should only be left to experts. Even a small mistake can wreak havoc on all the efforts you put in for the project. By hiring a team of professional sod installers, you will be able to get amazing results without wasting your money. We give you our full attention until we complete the project.

Sod Planting in the Atlanta Metro Area

We follow best practices in preparing your lawn for the installation. The preparation can be done in two ways: The first approach to preparing your yard for the installation is to hand rake and till the soil. This service is essential in Atlanta Metro properties under 3,000 square foot. It's important to get rid of all the grass from your property. Once removed, you need to apply starter fertilizer before installing the turf. This step allows the fertilizer to be absorbed by the roots during sod planting. Once you lay the sod, you need to make sure that it perfectly fits your property. Without substantial knowledge, you will not be able to perform this job correctly. Our team will make sure that there is root to earth contact. We grade out and hand rake the yard. After applying sod, we get rid of excess sod so it matches your landscape. You do not have to worry about the cleaning job associated with lawn installation. We will take care of that as well.

Professional Grass Installation in Atlanta Metro

Brett Hayse visualizes properties in Atlanta Metro to have the finest grass. It will only be possible if the installation job is done properly from start to finish. It is something that we are committed to doing. Our business has gained traction because of referrals and word of mouth. We are one of Atlanta Metro's premier turf installation companies. We can deliver the same quality as big companies provide, at a reasonable price. Our installation will not cost you a fortune. We may be a small company but we have a team of experts that can install quality grass in an efficient, timely and professional manner.

We never fall short of our customers' expectations as we take the time to listen to their concerns. Before turf installation, we take a look at all essential aspects so we can offer the best solution for your lawn. If you deem our services to be beneficial to your outdoor living space, you may get in touch with us via phone or email. We will discuss how we can meet your needs for your Atlanta Metro property.

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