Roof repair should be a priority but it’s sometimes overlooked as a vital and urgent home improvement task and this can be a costly mistake.

Roofs definitely aren’t the superstars of home improvement projects — it is much preferred to sort through paint palettes and material swatches while updating your kitchen or bathroom, but ignoring your roof can set you back a lot of money if the damage goes unaddressed.

Home improvement goes beyond aesthetics and one of the most important parts of being a homeowner is giving priority to caring for your roof. At Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, we craft high-quality roofs with our leading skills and techniques to provide a roof that will last throughout the decades. Learn more about why your roof should take precedent in home improvement projects in today’s post.

The Main Feature: Your Roof

Your roof makes your house a home, quite literally. It provides protection to your family and keeps everything within the interior safe and comfortable — this is why your roof needs regular TLC.

Roofs are strong but they’re not impenetrable, especially an older roof that has seen its fair share of harsh weather protecting your home from hail, heat, rain, ice, snow, sunlight, and high winds. In each passing year, it becomes a little more vulnerable to the elements and requires diligent homeowners to keep it in tip-top shape.

How do you know your roof is getting worn out and tethered? A couple of signs include:

  • Loose or crooked gutters
  • Dark spots as a result of moisture
  • Missing or loose shingles
  • Cracked tiles or slates
  • Pooled water

So, while you may love to renovate your guest bathroom your roof should take priority because, without it, you may not have a guest bathroom! Below are some reasons you should keep roof repair on the top of your home improvement list.

Roof damage can be tragic.

When your roof incurs damage, you may not even know it. So while it may be porous, cracked, or a small hole becomes large, this damage can go undetected until the next big storm and then it becomes catastrophic.

In this damage, you can have moisture begin to penetrate your home, and once it’s in, the damage has only begun. The water can seep into the wall and floor beams weakening the structural integrity, in addition to causing mold and ruining your belongings. Suddenly what you thought was only a roof issue turns into flood damage and mold remediation project — on top of fixing your roof.

Repairing your roof is serious.

As we’ve touched on above, roof damage doesn’t seem like a major thing until it is urgent. Roof shingles or new flashing doesn’t seem that important, but the longer it goes unaddressed, the more and more damage is created.

Prevention is the key to roof maintenance. You can choose to invest in a little bit of preventative repair and maintenance, or you can pay for the delay in damage where the situation is likely to escalate and only become worse over time.

A roof is your protection.

A well-maintained and quality roof is easily overlooked because it does its job and doesn’t get in the way, but you may notice how important it is when it begins to leak and cause water damage within your home.

So, when your roof is in tip-top shape it will protect you from the elements, pests, and wildlife — when you invest in your roof you invest in its aesthetics, security, and stability. Choose wisely on your next home improvement project!

Begin your roof repair journey with us and protect your home and family today!